Team Return is entirely composed of volunteer, working hard on their free time to craft a game for all to enjoy. Here are the members of our Team at the time:

Marc “Sergorn Dragon” Charlot
Project Director, Lead Writer, Producer

Kenneth “Withstand the Fury Dragon” Kully
Co-Producer, Overland Designer, Worldbuilder

Daniel “Loony” Haddad
Write, Coder, Designer, Worldbuilder

Peter “Lifthrasiel” Peiffer

Jaakko “Krom” Kuusela
Technical Director, Lead Programmer Extraordinaire

Panu “Grotto Dragon” Aaltio
Lead Composer

Emmanuel Henné
3D Artist

James Trujillo
Editor, Writer

Andrea “Saphireena” Fryer
Lead Portrait Artist

Daji San
Pixel Artist

Parul “Thepal” Carr
Worldbuilder, Designer

Gone but not forgotten, here are the people who offered their help to Team Return in the past:

Jolyn “Nytefall” Kitzer
Lead 2D Artist

Kat “1351” Orphanides
Editor, Designer, Writer

Danny “Disordah” Munday
Designer, Writer

Chris “MidnightCrow” Rowe

Alexandre “Alfie” Langry-François

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