We’re alive, and (mostly) back !

It’s been a while.

A very long while even.

First I can only begin by apoligizing : about a year ago, the website suffered an attack that essentially crippled it, as well as deleting all our media content, meaning everything had to be rebuild, we’ve had a splash page for many months and barebones website for a while, but with no updates, and as Team Leader, the reponsibility is mine for the lack of update.

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Ultima Return: Main Musical Theme!

We had hoped to be able to share more of the project at this point in time. Unfortunately, as these things goes, while we have kept doing progress… we didn’t progress quite as fast as we’d hoped.

None the less, we still wanted to offer a gift to Ultima fans for Christmas: as such we are very happy and very proud to present you Ultima Return’s Main Musical Theme, courtesy of the mightily talented Panu Aaltio.
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New Site, New Team Member, and More Portraits

Andrea has been hard at work, and has sketched out a handful of new characters for Ultima Return: a male and female guard, and a mysterious new character whose identity will be revealed…well, you’ll just have to wait on that.
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