What is Ultima?
Ultima is a legendary CRPG series that was created in 1979 by Richard Garriott, and is renowned for its revolutionary approach to the genre. Since its creation, Ultima has been the source of many games, and created a huge following from CRPG Fans. While the series ended in 1999 with the release of Ultima IX: Ascension, the Ultima legacy now spans over twenty titles, including spin-offs, online games and fan projects.

What is Ultima: Return?
Ultima: Return is a fan-made game revisiting the Serpent Isle, which had been introduced in Ultima VII Part Two. It intends to follow and uphold the tradition of the past episodes in the series.

Wait wasn’t this game called Return to the Serpent Isle ?
It was, but for multiple reasons (most of which the fact that it was already informally referenced as such everywhere), we decided to rename it Ultima: Return.

Why make a game about the Serpent Isle?
Because Serpent Isle has always been one of the most renowned episodes of the franchise and happens to be the favourite episode of many of our team members. It also had a wonderful plot, memorable characters, and the land in itself was a wonderful setting that just craves to be revisited. So ultimately, we decided to create our own vision of the future of the Serpent Isle.

If you love Serpent Isle so much, why not just remaking it?
While remaking Serpent Isle would be a great endeavour, we feel that it is even more important to craft new Ultima stories to keep the Ultima legacy alive rather than just doing another remake.

What engine are you using?
Ultima: Return will be developed using the Unity engine.

How much will Ultima: Return cost?
Ultima: Return will be a freeware game. You won’t have to pay for anything and will just be able to download the completed game… once it’s done.

What is the premise of Ultima: Return?
“Following the defeat of the Guardian, Britannia is finally at peace. Yet Shamino feels compelled to start an expedition toward the Serpent Isle, intend on finding out what have happened to his former land. As a member of his expedition you are about to set out on an adventure that will forever change your life…”

Why do you choose to use the Unity engine instead of an existing one ? How do you intend to craft a true Ultima with it?
We decided to use the Unity engine because of all the possibilities it offers. While this project originally began as a MOD for Neverwinter Nights 2 and made great progress with it, we gradually realized that starting from scratch would free use from many of the limitations an existing game does and craft a game according to our design philosophies without having to wonder if this is going to break the game it is built on. In addition this will also allow people to download and enjoy Ultima Return without the need to buy anything.

When will Ultima: Return be released?
When it’s done. Or more precisely, Ultima: Return will be released as multiple chapters or episodes – starting with a shorter Prologue taking place on Claw Isle. Each Chapter will later expand upon the last with more storylines, quests and areas.