Dev Diary #002 – World Simulation – the hardcore lives of adventurers!

If there is one aspect that has been considerably streamlined in RPGs over the years – it’s the world simulation aspect of the games. This account of course to things like NPCs schedules and interactivity, but also to more peculiar aspect that would now feel more at home in a “survival” kind of game such as feeding your characters and sleeping. Indeed: a lot of games have basically removed these aspects altogether!

As Ultima: Return aims to uphold the tradition of the Ultima series; we place great value in the world simulation aspect of the game. While our project is being crafted using a modern game engine, it is important to stress that we tend to see Return as an old school game at heart, so we definitely intend to push the world simulations aspects as much as possible, and in some case even farther than they have ever been in the Ultima series.

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Dev Diary #001 – The Birth of a New Ultima

In 1999, Ultima IX was released and brought the Ultima series to an end -– and while Electronic Arts has just announced the upcoming Lord of Ultima, it doesn’t seem that they intend to release a new Ultima RPG for the time being. Thankfully, many Ultima fans have tried their best to keep the legacy alive — and while some of these projects died away, others prevailed for our pleasure, and most notably the excellent Ultima V: Lazarus and Ultima VI Project.

One thing I have noticed however is that most Ultima projects (whether alive or dead) have essentially focused on remaking or enhancing the existing games. This is a wonderful endeavor in itself and allows us to experience these classics in a new way — but I’ve always felt that to continue to keep the Ultima legacy alive, it is also important to expend the Ultima world beyond what the nine core games and their spin off have brought us, by crafting new stories and new adventures.

But what is Return to the Serpent Isle, one might ask?

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