New music for the ears !

As I mentionned in the previous update, we have added some new music tracks to the Media page of the website.

But I wanted to expand more about the tracks we have just released and their place in the game.

Now we’ve released some tracks before : you will all remember Grotto Dragon’s epic rendition of Stones, the beautiful Main Theme he conceived for us and last but not least, the Character Creation theme which hearkened back to Ultima VI will bringing our own musical vibe into it. There were only but a few of the music that Grotto has written to us for now, and we have decided to release the remaining tracks for your enjoyments, all of which will be featured in the Prologue and the main game.

So there are four new tracks now available in the media page : “Battle”, “Exploration”, “Moonbay”, and “Dungeon”.

Battle and Dungeons are self explanatory : Battle will be the main feature track during combats against regular ennemies (a more epic “Boss Theme” is also planned later in time… but not yet), hence the fast paced approach which is meant to reminisce somewhat to Ultima VII‘s combat themes. Dungeon will be used will exploring the depth of Serpent Isle, hence why the tone is more atmospheric as opposed to some of the more melodic tracks of the game – it gets into an eery feel while slowly growing bigger, as if exploring these depths were leading to some mysterious discovery.

Exploration is the them we are going to use while moving over the Overland map, it’s built again in a more atmopheric but captivating done to give this sense of soft adventure as you walk through the wilderness. Deft ears will notice that it’s built upon a small leitmotiv heard during the Main Theme, slowly before Return’s main theme goes full in – we felt this small snippet of music sounded so good it deserved to be expanded into a them of its own.

As for Moonbay well… while it will serve for the mysterious settlement of Haven in the Prologue, it is actually planned to serve as the main musical theme of Moonbay in the main game. What is Moonbay you might ask ? Well it’s kind of a spoiler but that’s okay… Moonbay is small fishing village set on the Isle of Beyond, South-west of Moonshade – as a matter of fact the them your are hearing now is sort of a teaser to what you will eventually hear on Moonshade which will have a much grandeur version of it, as fitting for the City of Mage. But this is also why there are hints of a more mystic feel to the underlying tone, for Moonbay remains much tied to the city of Mages…

So this is it for now : we hope you enjoy these new compisitions and we look forward to sharing more of them in the future.