NPC Portrait: A Handsome Captain!

Since we don’t want to make you all think we’re resting on our laurels and the project isn’t moving forward, we have decided to begin sharing regularly more content that is being done behind the scenes.

Now you’re all familiar with Andrea’s wonderful character portraits work we have shared in the last few month. But as you may guess, the roughs we have shown were only the first step of those portraits and Andrea has been hard at work. You’re already familiar with Cassandra, the mysterious and beautiful companion we have exposed on our gallery.

Now let me introduce you, Captain Ylbert!


Ylbert will be one of the first characters the player will encounter in the Prologue and as and old experimented seadogs he’ll have a lot to share with you! But most importantly, he’ll offer some major help during the course of the Prologue but to learn more of if, you will have to wait and see!

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