Congratulations, Panu!

The International Film Music Critics Association (IFMCA) have posted the list of winners of the 2012 IFMCA Awards, “for excellence in musical scoring in 2012”. And there, under the Best Original Score for a Documentary Feature category, is none other than our very own composer, Panu Aaltio (also known as Grotto Dragon), for his work on Metsän Tarina.

Metsän Tarina is a Finnish documentary, the English title of which is Tale of a Forest. As one might imagine, it is a documentary about a Finnish forest, and the diverse array of wildlife and vegetation found therein. Here is the trailer:

If you are curious about the documentary’s soundtrack and Panu’s excellent work on it, you can preview eighteen songs from the film via iTunes, and also buy the complete album thereat. He’s also on Spotify!

Congratulations, Panu! A moving score for a gorgeous feature, and a testament to your immense musical talent!

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