April Update: The Road to World Simulation

Albeit a bit late on schedule, here is finally the April Update. So, what has the Return team been up to since the last time

I am happy to say that we have been doing some great progress on game systems since our last update. Thanks to the tremendous work of our newest coder Jaako, we’ve been doing some great work on developing the world simulation aspects of Return, far beyond what was ever implemented in NWN2.

First, as we mentioned last month already, we already have a working schedule system that will allow NPCs to move around the world depending on the time of day. But in addition, Jaako has fully revamped the sleeping system : rather that the strict and fixed system of NWN2, you may now choose the number of hours you might sleep in, as well as picking one of your party member to stand guard… just in case some monsters might attack.

But of course what would be an Ultima without food? As such we also have a working feeding system, where you need to use food items on your characters to replenish their food bar.

As of yet, we are only scratching the surface of some of the more complex feature of these systems (such as consequences a low food bar will have on your character, or the risks of sleeping in an area more dangerous than another), but we are hoping to be able to share a basic release of these systems soon – so keep your eyes open !

In addition, we have also devised a magical system requiring the use of reagents – yes indeed! So no more D&D-ish spell memorization, but true Ultima-ish reagent-based magic.

Unfortunately I also have to report that progress on the Moonshade NPCs have been slower than anticipated due to unexpected real-life considerations, but we are still hard at work !

Of course let me finish this update like every month by saying as usual :


Be sure to check our recruitment page and contact us if you feel you’ll be able to help!